how much do you know about pokemon

Pikachu is happy ergenic guy.He evoled from a pichu and will evoule to raichu.He will lose to a mareep,bellsprout and venusaur.But pikachu's thunder bolt can be quite powerful.

Dragonite is a dragon and flying type pokemon.Dragonite is a powerful pokemon.But dragon type pokemon can go throught attack rage.That is where a dragon type pokemon does to many attacks to quickly then it may keep attack til 1 day between 1,000 days if left alone but if battled it will get cured.

Created by: maya shohamy
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  1. who would win bellsprout V.S raichu
  2. venusaurV.S blastiose who would win
  3. who would win Charzaird V.S ponyta
  4. who would win
  5. who would win
  6. who would win again
  7. let's say there was pokemon in the world eveywhere and today you could pick your starter pokemon egg that will hatch who would pick of the following
  8. let's say you found a wild snorlax that was a sleep what would you do
  9. what is water's weakness from the following
  10. whick egg corectly hatches into a pokemon and = mean hatches into

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about pokemon