Are you pikachu?

LOl i chose the title cause it Rhymed Being Pikachu means You a Pika master! So Dont get the wrong idea! Serve to Be a Great Pikachu I think you'll reach it!

So ARE YOU PIKACHU TAKE THE QUEST i mean TEST TO SEE!!!!! SO be a pikachu BE a SUPER pikachu!!! So take this Quiz and See will you be pikachu or will you not?

Created by: Pikachu
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  1. Pikachu's main color is?
  2. Pikachu is a ...
  3. In pokemon dungeon explores of darkness was pikachu one of the choices?
  4. Fill the blanks Pichu,Pikachu,____
  5. Pikachu ability's?
  6. In Pokemon-I Choose You! What did pikachu think of his pokeball?
  7. Pichu will evolve by ...
  8. Fill the blanks. Pikachu has a ______ shaped tail.
  9. In pokemon Team Go Getters out of the gate Pikachu got kidnapped by a?
  10. Pikachu's Main habitat is?
  11. Pikachu is weak against?
  12. What is pikachu's Rarity?
  13. Last Question Female pikachu's are different from Male pikachu Because

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Quiz topic: Am I pikachu?