How well do you know Pikachu, the mascot?

How smart do you think you are? Really? How about Pikachu? How about that? You think you know Pikachu? Come and take this quiz where you might get to know some new stuff about Pikachu!

Thinking your that smart? Thinking your that smart that you know Pikachu that well? I wanna see you get a 85% or higher. Challenge accepted? Or are you too afraid?

Created by: Mega_Sceptile
  1. What was Pikachu's first reaction towards Ash?
  2. What was Pikachu's first pokemon(s) he defeated?
  3. How can you tell from Pikachu and his shiny form?
  4. How many times Pikachu had fainted?
  5. Which pokemon evolve after Pikachu?
  6. What is Pikachu's type?
  7. How many costumes does Pikachu have?
  8. What level do you think Pikachu is?
  9. Are you bored?
  10. How many hits had Pikachu had taken?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pikachu, the mascot?