How pikachU are yoU?

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I hope you like this quiz took me a while but I did it and it's pretty funny too! I really put some thought into this but if there is A mistake please don't call it out or any thing please!

Any way have fun with this quiz please!! I love pikachu! He is NOT my favorite but he defiantly is on my favorites list! In the comments tell me why you got and also what Pokemon is your favorite lol!

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. Ok what is you favorite color?
  2. What would you where out of these
  3. How would you discribe your self out of these
  4. If you were going to dye your hair what colors out of these would you pick
  5. Which video game speaks to you most
  6. Who do you like better?
  7. Would you where socks and flip flops?
  8. Do you LIKE or LOVE sports
  9. Woul you murder some body
  10. What book out of theses do you like

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Quiz topic: How pikachU am I?