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  • I don’t have Facebook, but I have a 2% addiction?!?! How does that happen?

    Mingo Apr 2 '18, 1:19PM
  • 4%
    Oops I'm antisocial.

    katqueen45 Jan 21 '17, 9:25PM
  • 0%
    I don't even have it yet

    FluffyEtini Jul 11 '16, 10:51AM
  • 23% Facebook Addicted

    You, sir or ma'am, are quite well-adjusted in your approach to using Facebook. You are not addicted at all. Congrats.

    I love this quiz ^~^

    Jinx Blackclaw Jan 5 '16, 9:28AM
  • 4 % best quiz ever! I'm not old enough and I don't really want to nyway

    Etini Sep 17 '15, 12:06AM
  • I don't. Have Facebook

    I used this site as a sub

    Fluffy Jun 26 '15, 4:42AM
  • 6% Never been on Facebook.

    Ariana9 Apr 1 '14, 9:11PM
  • Man, my result was hilarious. XD
    0% Facebook Addicted

    The re's this little site, it's called 'Facebook', perhaps you've heard of it? Dude. You have no Facebook addiction to speak of. How do you manage that?

    Reason Mar 21 '14, 10:50PM
  • 6%


    Mistyheart13 Mar 20 '14, 6:09AM
  • Not addicted :p

    Loving_Monster Oct 27 '13, 12:55AM
  • You, sir or ma'am, are quite well-adjusted in your approach to using Facebook. You are not addicted at all. Congrats.

    In fact I'm pretty much addicted to gotoquiz.com!!! lol

    Firestar3208 Sep 26 '13, 1:28AM
  • I just took it again and got 19%. Haha, I actually havn't been going on that much anymore so the change is pretty acurate :P

    Sports19 May 24 '13, 12:40PM
  • Hey gtq guy when you get a chance i can't get part 12 of my series to show up on my profile

    mcqueen Dec 29 '12, 11:57PM
  • 21% :P

    Sports19 Oct 20 '12, 11:48AM
  • 38%
    I admit I`m quite addicted, thank you.
    And good quiz =]

    chrissybieber Sep 3 '12, 4:26AM
  • I don't even own facebook. Haha :D
    ......so I'm NOT addicted.

    ange Aug 8 '12, 2:36AM
  • Awesome quiz GTQ Guy! Maybe if you have some time (which you probably wont) you could try my quizzes. Thanks!

    Zane Is Here Aug 5 '12, 11:50PM
  • 60%... I was once addicted in YouTube then when i knew about Facebook i didnt really make one that fast but a few months later... I tried to make a Facebook account for some reason then got addicted to it. Then i went back to YouTube, animehere, then Facebook again. But Now... I am with gotoquiz but for some reason... Facebook is competing with gotoquiz and thats why i didnt get 100%

    XxSophiacxX Mar 23 '12, 8:50AM
  • in the thirties

    xendocheionology Jun 25 '11, 1:01PM
  • i'm 27% addicted to facebook. lol. i'm SUPER addicted to facebook. i hated this quiz. i actually hate every quiz on gotoquiz EXCEPT MY QUIZZES, AM I MAKING MYSELF CLEAR!?!?!?!?


    :)1800iluvpopco rn:)

    1800iluvpopcorn Jun 21 '11, 5:47PM
  • 0% Facebook addicted ;P
    oh the tragedy! XD

    CrazyNotInsane Jun 18 '11, 9:04AM
  • 33% Heh, don't go on Facebook much... Awesome quiz GTQ Guy! :D

    Loony Luna Jun 18 '11, 6:27AM

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