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  • "Good bye."
    "I'm totally leaving this piece of s--- website. Spread the word. Bye~"
  • It makes me sick.
    "So many double posts. I wasn't critisizing heterosexuality. I was critisizing the way some girls act like fangirls over boys."
    "Me: Kon'nichiwa, senpai. Senpai: Hi was your day at school? OMFG HDDJDKDKDLSOSENDJDKDJDM *crie"
  • It makes me sick.
    "It sickens me to see girls being all googly-eyed over some scrawny little boy. It's disgusting. It absolutely makes me want to throw up. Hon..."
  • WTF
    "Not you guys, btw."
  • WTF
    "People really like my comments on YT. O.O I mean, seriously?!! OMFG SKITTLES STOP STALKINGNME OK. WHO THE f--- IS THIS?!!! ST"
  • WTF
    "I have so many notifications, they replaced the number with an infinity sign. This might take a while...."
  • "You'll look sexy in any bra, prinsessa."
  • Chu Chu wants to soap.
    "Another bump~."
  • "I need your email, so we can keep in touch in case we do leave. Mine is Just email me and lemme know its you..."
  • Account Suggestion
    "I agree."
  • "That's right. We're going down together."
  • "I see."
  • Endings Unexpected.
    "Rhi glanced up at him and gave a faint smile. She was there for book club. They had just started on a collection of Edgar Allen Poe poems. R..."

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