Are You A Good Son/Daughter?

There are many good son/daughter out there . Being a good son/daughter is difficult . If you want to be a good son/daughter ,you should listen to them

Are you a good son/daughter ? Do you care about your parents ? Do you love them ? Or are you a bad son/daughter? If you are confuse. Then take this quiz. I didn't make it hard. It is quite easy.

Created by: AbantaZayna

  1. This quiz will tell you are you a good son/daughter. So please answer honestly. Ok?
  2. Your mom/dad's birthday today. You?
  3. Your mom needs help in kichen . You?
  4. Your dad needs help in something. You?
  5. It is a family function. You?
  6. Do you take care of your siblings?
  7. How often do you have a argue with your parents?
  8. Do you care about them?
  9. You have a good connection with your parents
  10. My parents don't listen to a thing I say.

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Son/Daughter?