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Hi! Liz again. So "Sparks Fly" just wasn't working out for me. I'm on FanFiction, though, so feel free to read it on there. I'm much more ahead there than I am here. :)

I wrote this all in about an hour. I hope it was worth it. I think I'll have Chapter two of "Daughter of Kronos" up in...a month? Mostl likely earlier than that, but...*shrugs* School.

Created by: liz_king97

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  1. *No P.O.V.* Kronos stared down at the village from a cavern in a mountainside, Mount Othrys, to be exact. The village was having its annual ritual to appease the Lord of the Titan's wrath. Each year, the mortals sacrificed a mortal woman, chosen by a priest of Kronos. This year, however, Kronos intervened and chose the "sacrifice". He did not want her killed, no. Instead, she was to be brought up to Kronos' cave, where she would live through the remainder of her days. Rhea, Kronus' wife, was not happy with her husband' choice. She did not appreciate the fact that she was being put aside for a mere mortal. Sure, the girl was beautiful, and she had a little magic, being Hekate's daughter, but what did Kronos see in her? Rhea huffed and left the mountain. She would return when the woman was dead, and only then.
  2. The procession was led up the mountain by the Priests of Kronos. The sacrifice, a woman by the name of Tryphosa, held her head high, her bottom lip quivering. She had no idea what Kronos was like; the legends said little of him. Tryphosa closed her eyes, thinking of the little farmhouse she shared with her mother and father. She had few possessions, but left them behind all the same; she was told that she would want for nothing with the Lord Titan. But Tryphosa knew they were wrong: she would always yearn to be with her family.
  3. The High Priest took Tryphosa's hand and led her up the rest of the stairs. "Are you afraid?" He asked. "Not at all." She lied. Cleon smiled. "Tryphosa, it is all right. You need not be afraid. Lord Kronos will see to your every need. You will want for nothing." There it was again. Tryphosa hung her head bitterly. "I will always want my family. My love for them will never go away." She wept silent tears, and dried them immediately. She did not want to appear weak, like most of her kind. Cleon halted in front of large, stone doors. "We have arrived." The priest announced dramatically. Tryphosa smiled a little. Cleo held his arms high. "Master, Lord of Time, I bring to thee the maiden thou desired. I ask of thee, open thy doors and take her in, treat her as if she were The Queen, Rhea herself." Rhea heard this and was filled with rage. She yearned to make her husband suffer for the pain he was causing her then.
  4. The great stone doors opened to show a massive room, fully furnished. Tryphosa was awestruck. All of this, for her? An insignificant mortal? She felt ashamed, that she should take Rhea's place for the rest of Tryphosa's mortal life. As long as Kronos didn't make her immortal, Tryphosa would repent in the Underworld for this crime to her heart. "Forgive me, Mother Rhea, for I had no intentions on taking your place." Rhea bowed her head. "If you learn to love him as I do," Rhea whispered to Tryphosa, "Then you shall not have any consequences in the Afterlife."
  5. "Welcome, lovely Tryphosa, to my home." A voice boomed. The priest left, leaving the mortal woman terrified out of her wits and without a clue in the world of how to live with the Titan Lord
  6. **Liz**Hey guys! I'm really excited for this series. Sorry about leaving "Sparks Fly" after it being just started, but...it really wasn't clicking with me. I couldn't continue. Sorry this was so short; hopefully the next chapter will be longer, and with better options.

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