How strong is a mother and daughter bond

Many mother's around the world have an inseparable bond with their daughter. Some don't.. Some do... Some have the perfect bond... The question is,which one do you and your daughter have?

.There are many types of bonds a girl and her mother can have.But,I have narrowed it down to the TOP 3 catergories.Answer these questions accurately and honestly,you will find out what category you and you daughter are in.

Created by: Amy
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  1. How often do you and your daughter talk?
  2. How much time do you and your daughter spend time with eachother?
  3. To you "spoil" your daughter? (spoil as in buy her everything she wants.)
  4. How often do you and your daughter fight?
  5. Do you and your daughter have any special hobbies?(shopping,playing games,ect.)
  6. How do you describe you daughter?
  7. Is your daughter confident?
  8. Does your daughter trust you?
  9. Do you trust your daughter?
  10. How much do you and you daughter love eachother?

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