What kind of beauty do you possess?

Everyone is beautiful, but how exactly are YOU beautiful? Your beauty is special, and it makes you unique. Today you will discover what makes you oh-so beautiful.

How are you beautiful? Are you exotic, ethnic, and outrageous? Or are you subdued, elegant, and classic? Take this quiz now to see just what kind of beauty suits you.

Created by: kathryncullen
  1. What is your facial Shape?
  2. What is your natural hair color?
  3. What is your natural eye color?
  4. What feature is most startling on you? (In other words, what is the most prominent feature of your face?)
  5. What is your body type?
  6. How big is your body frame?
  7. What is your skin tone?
  8. What is your hair type?
  9. What is your blandest feature?
  10. What is your hair's natural stance?
  11. What is your ethnic origin? (This is not intended to be racist at all; this will simply help me discover your true beauty to the best of my ability.)
  12. I hope you enjoyed this quiz! You are extremely beautiful, inside and out.
  13. Thanks again c; (no effect) Please rate & comment if you have the time

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Quiz topic: What kind of beauty do I possess?