How beautiful are you? For only girls. Inside and out

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Hello! It’s LouiseTheo. (Duh.) As you probably know, this quiz will see how beautiful you are. If you identify as a boy, please leave. Thank you. Remember, beauty is being beautiful on the outside AND inside.

Honestly, I’m not sure if people even read these lol. I rarely do. I need to got one hundred fifty characters, sooooooooo… Dlwlaksmcmdwlowoakskxoskxoslslwkw

Created by: LouiseTheo
  1. What is your skin color?
  2. What is your eye color?
  3. What is your hair color?
  4. What is your body type?
  5. What is your height?
  6. What is your eye shape?
  7. What is your lip shape?
  8. Eyebrows?
  9. What is your face shape?
  10. How long is your hair?
  11. What is your hair texture?
  12. How much makeup do you usually wear?
  13. How kind are you?
  14. What is your skin type?
  15. Also, please note that inner beauty contributes to being beautiful.
  16. Please comment and rate.
  17. Bye.

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Quiz topic: How beautiful am I? For only girls. Inside and out