How easily annoyed are you?

Read through each question and pick the answer that best describes your reaction. By the way, I'm planning a special surprise at the end, so answer honestly.

If an answer doesn't describe you perfectly, or if my answers are a bit hard to comprehend, I apologize. Pick the one that you think might suit you if you were on drugs.

Created by: MalorieMoon

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  1. How do you feel about people who make quizzes just for the sake of leveling up?
  2. How about people who slam the weights in the gym?
  3. People who mow the grass or make other loud noises as you're trying to sleep?
  4. Obsessive fans of things you don't like that go out of their way to involve their obsession in every aspect of their lives?
  5. People who act drunk when you know they aren't.
  6. People who take off their headphones while riding public transportation and suddenly everyone can hear their music.
  7. How about campers? (That is, people who hide behind stuff and then end up getting all the kills/points anyways)
  8. People who make random sex jokes out of everything, even like... freaking food.
  9. People who go on hour-long rants about a particular aspect of some fandom that would be better just left alone.
  10. People who has very unwell grammars.
  11. And last but not least: How do you respond to people who beg for rates and comments at the end of a quiz?

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Quiz topic: How easily annoyed am I?