Are You Easily Amused?

Most people are easily amused, to some degree, but they just dont want to admit it, or just dont know. Easily amused people like doing random things that other would say are boring and/or stupid. Are you one of these people? Are you easily amused?

Answer all these questions truthfully, and you will know whether or not you are easily amused, or if you are just in between. Youll never know until you do.

Created by: DelTop13

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  1. Do you like to watch the screensaver "Pipes"?
  2. Can you sit on youtube all day watching random videos and not get bored?
  3. Do you like to watch your pets eat?
  4. If you are playing a game and it has a small feature, like you can do back flips or something, do you sit there doing it over and over again for fun instead of playing the game?
  5. Do you enjoy throwing barbies out a window attached to a string?
  6. Did you just go try throwing a barbie out a window attached to a string?
  7. Do you like watching people sleep?
  8. What do you do when you are bored?
  9. Do you like Lord of the Rings?
  10. Are you still taking this quiz?
  11. Do you think you are easily amused?
  12. Has anyone told you you are easily amused?
  13. Are you ready for your results??
  14. Rate/Comment?
  15. BYE!

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