How picky are you?

Have you ever seen someone who just wasn't satisfied with whatever they had? Maybe they were happy just blowing bubbles with their spit? Where do you fall in this spectrum? Are you extremely picky, easily amused, or just an in betweeny weenie?

Take this Quiz and maybe you can gain some insight on just picky you really are. Maybe you need to accept some things you can't change. Maybe you need to raise your standards a notch? Either way, it'll fun to find out. Take a look in the mirror.

Created by: Chippo Da Hippo
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  1. You're at an outdoor concert and that chili dog is starting to catch up with you. The line to the porta potties stretch a mile. Where do you relieve yourself?
  2. Your recent auto accident left your car totalled but the insurance check is not as high as you expected. What do you do about it?
  3. You're on a double with your significant other and some close friends. You and your lovey dovey planned to see a certain movie but the other couple already saw it. What do you say to the other couple?
  4. The local Quickee Mart has discontinued your favorite Cherry Lime slushes. The clerk says the QM in the next town still serves them. What now?
  5. You're at the club and haven't had any play from the opposite sex at all! It's closing time and the lights are on. Where are you gonna wake up?
  6. You're damn thirsty after gym and some sloppy dude is frenching the water fountain. What is your reaction?
  7. Your new boy/girlfriend goes clothes shopping for you for the first time. they pull out this Fugly shirt and you can barely contain your gag reflex. What are they gonna hear from you?
  8. What's your favorite gift?
  9. What's your favorite car?
  10. What's your least favorite activity?

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Quiz topic: How picky am I?