How picky are you with guys/girls?

There are many different kinds of people in the world. Some are the outgoing partyers, some are the shy, quiet kind, and some are in the middle. do you know which one you are?

You may think you know how shy or outgoing you are but then again, you could be wrong. so to find out your true self try taking this quiz you'll be sure to know by the end!!

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
Some of your friends invite you to a party. where are you at the party?
In the corner alone doin nothing, thinking that all the people there who asked you to dance just wanna make -out and they're not worth the time.
Dancing with a couple of you friends, and when a cute nice person asks you to dance, you say "sure".
Dancing and having make-out sessions with all the guys you see. You might even bring a couple guys upstairs for "a litlle more"
When you are at school, what is your statis with people asking you out?
No one really asks you out because you dont really like to flirt or be with many people.
I'll get asked out a couple times, but no biggie.
I have all the hot peeps around me. People ask me out every day and i make out with them that night
Have you ever kissed someone, or been kissed before?
NO i don't wanna kiss anyone yet, no one is worth it yet
Yes, but they were my boyfirend/girlfriend at the time and it was a nice romantic kiss.
Hell Yeah! I've made out with tons of people before! All the time!
If there was a cute boy/girl in school who asked you out, what would you say/do?
I'd say "no you're just not my type"
I'd say "ok". I'll give him a chance
I'd say "yeah babe!" and then make out with him on the spot
You've been going out with someone for a week or 2 now, and one night they try to make a move on you, you:
Push them back and say "if you want to be that way then we're over" and walk away
Take a small chance but don't make it a huge scene.
1.I'M the one who trys to make a move and 2. its WAY before a weeks or 2 that we start!
Your friends cousin comes into town and he/she is pretty cute. When your friends says she can hook you up with her cousin, you say:
"Noo!, they might be cute but i dont know them! What kind of a person do you think i am?!"
"They seem like a nice person. I just want to get to know them a little better, then maybe we can go on to the next level."
"YEAH BABY bring 'em out!... wait whats his/her name again?"
There is a cute guy/girl that you are hanging out with. When you're about to leave, they ask you for your number, you say:
"No thanx, I'm not into you and I don't really want to give you my number."
"Um sure here it is...but maybe we can take it slow ok?... Thanx"
"Sure babe here it is...And from you i want more than just your number."
Are you the type of person who is ok at kissing but could use some pointers, is teaching kissing lessons, or DEFINITELY doesn't want them?
DEFINITELY doesn't want them
Is good but could use a couple pointers
The one teaching the kissing lessons
What is the banner on your phone?
Ms./Mr. Play it safe
Ms./Mr. Play it cool
Ms./Mr. Playa
On a scale of 1-30 how picky or open do you think you are? 1being pretty picky and 30 being very vulnerable.

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