Does She Like You? (Guys Only)

Lots of guys like girls. And they want to know whether the girl likes them back, so I made this quiz for that purpose. It should tell u if she does/doesn't.

I am a girl, but I've crushed on guys b4, so I know what girls who like guys act like. Hope u enjoy the quiz! But remember, this isn't 100% accurate.

Created by: Lizzy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you two friends?
  2. Has she ever laughed at one of your stupid jokes?
  3. Does she ever go near you?
  4. Does she ever look at you?
  5. Have you ever been alone together? If so, how did she act?
  6. Does she blush around you?
  7. Does she help you?
  8. Do you two have much in common?
  9. Did u suddenly find out that u two had something big in common, than she started acting weird about it?
  10. Does she ever tease u?
  11. Have either of u two told each other secrets?
  12. Last one, do you like her?

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