Are you my perfect man?

This Quiz is mainly for guys. Just to test how high up on the scale are they as potential boyfriends for a picky girl like me. It might even help you figure out who you really are and maybe help you to discover who you want to be and what you want in a girl.

So how good do you think you are? Could you be Mr Perfect or are you like the other zillion of guys out there? Even if you didn't score high- don't worry too much because the quiz was designed from my point of view!! Plenty of girls out there might find your personally sexy!!

Created by: Quynh
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  1. Whats your style? What type of cloths are u comfortable with wearing on a day to day basis?
  2. What is your all time favourite shirt? I mean what sort of top do you find yourself buying or wearing most of the time? Have a look in your wardrobe or on the floor (lol messy guys) and tell me what does the majority of your shirt look like?
  3. Again a question on cloths!! What colour do you like wearing most?
  4. How often so you get a hair cut? And yes i mean the hair on your head- save the other details to yourself!!
  5. Prefer your girlfriend to
  6. If you were to bulid a family house. What would your house be like?
  7. You thoughts on having a dog as an indoor pet!!
  8. What colour dog would you like?
  9. What is the best name for your baby girl?
  10. What is the best nam for your baby boy?
  11. Which of the following is the best birthday gift for a 5 year old girl?
  12. Which of the following is the best birthday gift for a 5 years old boy?
  13. Which of the following would you consider as the best gift for your girlfriend? No special occasion just something you picked up while shopping.
  14. When your girlfriend tells you that she is gonna go out with a close guy friend, who you think has a huge crush on her you respond by saying:
  15. What is your thought on food?
  16. Would you eat the same meal that you ate yesterday? (Having the same thing for dinner on the very next day)
  17. Apparently a majority of us hates vegetables- but which of the following would you consider as your favourite?
  18. From the following, what would you eat if you had to choose one?
  19. When you order steak at a restuarant, you usually ask for it to be cooked:
  20. Hate girls who are:
  21. Love a girl who can:
  22. Rank in order from who your would love the most to least?
  23. Rank from most important to least important. Your wife has to be: (btw "strong" means doesn't rely too much on you-independant).
  24. Your thoughts on travel?
  25. Do you believe in ghosts and the after life?
  26. How stable or flexible are you? What is your response to change?
  27. Rank in order from most liked to least liked. Which chores would you do ? (btw laundry includes washing, hanging and ironing the clothes)

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Quiz topic: Am I my perfect man?