How easily offended are you?

There are a lot of people who get offended every now and then. Some get easily offended. Some people know when they get easily offended, but some don't.

Do you get easily offended? Are you always wondering if you should stop caring so much about what people do and say to you? Well, in a few minutes, you'll find out!

Created by: AllHailLelouch
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  1. You're on your bed listening to a song on the radio, when suddenly your mom comes and says "You have a bad taste in music!!" You say:
  2. It's finally summer and you want to go swimming, but you overhear you friends saying "He/she's getting really fat!" You feel:
  3. You're watching your favorite movie at home and then some random guy comes and mistakes you for the other gender. What do you respond?
  4. If I call you stubborn on the next question, will you be offended in any way?
  5. You're stubborn.
  6. You're the coach and you're cheering for your team(whatever sport) and a person off to the side yells out to you: "YOUR TEAM SUCKS!" You try to ignore, but he comes up to you and rants about your team. You:
  7. You're at school and it's lunchtime. You sit by whoever you regularly sit with at lunch, but they all get up and move to another table, and start laughing. What do you do?
  8. Let's say your father laughs at you and calls you the hunchback of notre dame..
  9. Has anyone in your family said that you're always easily offended?
  10. Has anyone from school made you really offended that you had to get teary eyed at the end?

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Quiz topic: How easily offended am I?