What Should Your Name Be?

Have you ever wondered why you are named what you're named. No? Then wonder now. Let me give you a moment to ponder the cosmos. Ok. Done. However, inclosed in this quiz are the answers to your real name, in other words, what your mildly incompetent parents SHOULD HAVE named you.

Disclaimer: This is not a quiz that is serious. I am, not, a serious person. And indeed, this quiz will reflect that. So if you are offended, don't rate this quiz badly. If you aren't offended, don't rate badly either though... Just a recap, this quiz is for FUN. Don't take anything I say to seriously, and don't be offended.

Created by: nerd888

  1. They're COMING!!! QUICK!!! REACT!!!
  2. You are at a club that your friend dragged you to for his birthday, when the bartender asks you to show off your best entertainment skills for tips because the performers apparently bailed.
  3. A local preschool sends you an invitation to watch the "Tots Talent Showcase." What do you do?
  4. While sitting around picking at your warts, you radio begins to pick up the frequency a near by army training camp uses...
  5. Your aunt Claudia sends you a membership to "Club Penguin," not that you actually play *guilty twitch* what do you do?
  6. One night you dream a unicorn visits you in the night and tells you that all bad can be solved by Mario and that ill will be cured by the yucca plant. Upon waking up- you check this with your dream book, and the dollar store rip off informs you that this dream means you must swim the English Channel, and, as a reward, the followers of the religion Quaff will find you and give you an unknown gift. What do you do?
  7. Shoot! A dead body the resembles a dismembered body of Santa Clause falls out of your chimney in mid June... what now?
  8. While shopping for a pillow for your senile grandmother, you see a kilt in a store window. You fall in love with it and enter the store to buy it. Unfortunately, the sales person tells you that the only color the kilt is available in is pink. Note: you despise pink, almost as much as puppies or happiness. What do yo Do?
  9. A random person you don't know sends you an email, informing you that "OMG! Alfred and I just broke up! It was like... heartbreakingalisious!" What do you do?
  10. What will you rate this quiz

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