How Much Do You Know About WOTR?

Well, since you took the time to take my quiz, You might have been crest fallen at your score, or jumping for joy because you got 100 percent, or maybe received a stern warning that if you don't get it right, the cookie monster will get you. I'll give you a hint of what will happen in the 2nd series...

This is a rough idea, so don't count on it... ~ A dark grey brute named Rising Storm met a lone wolf named Hope. They began meeting each other for some time. But Storm couldn't concentrate on training, and soon, he was found out... Not too much giving away, it's just a treat!

Created by: Enith§

  1. What was the main character born as?
  2. What was the main character's name before he received his pack name?
  3. What was Howler's pack name?
  4. What secret was kept from the pack?
  5. Who became North's first friend?
  6. What was White Star?
  7. Why was North so close to White Star?
  8. Which is the most darkest and the MOST powerful Stone after The Black Stone?
  9. Who created The Storm Stone?
  10. Who was WOTR's author?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About WOTR?