What Canterwood Crest Character Are You?

This quiz is on the Canterwood Crest book series. In this series there are lots of book, and a lot of drama! Take this quiz and see how well you really know these books!

I made this quiz after reading the Canterwood Crest books quite a few times. I love the books, and wanted to know how much others know about it! I hope you like this quiz and you score high! Good luck... Before you start, I've realised I made a mistake, the title says which character you are, but this quiz is actually on how well you know Canterwood Crest.... Sorry 😔

Created by: Molly

  1. What is Sasha's horses name?
  2. Who is Sasha's enemy in the early books?
  3. Who are two of Heather's friends?
  4. Who transfers to Canterwood Crest?
  5. Who gets expelled from Canterwood Crest?
  6. Who transfers to Canterwood Crest in book 10?
  7. Who teaches Paige to ride?
  8. Who is scared of horses?
  9. Who's house does Sasha stay at during break?
  10. What is Sasha's favourite discipline?

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Quiz topic: What Canterwood Crest Character am I?