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This quiz is about my FAV book series OF ALL TIME! They are questions in which yes you will have to have read the ENTIRE series and I'm talking even the books about Lauren Towers.

How much do you really know about the great girls of the fantastic Canterwood Crest Academy? Tale the quiz in order to see if you know as much as you think...

Created by: jasmine

  1. What is the main characters name in the Canterwood Crest Series?
  2. In the last book, who does Sasha think may be a new enemy?(hint: younger rider from Briar Creek.)
  3. What is the reason Callie and Sasha lost their friendship for good?
  4. What is Sashas last name?
  5. What is the third book in the series?
  6. How many books in the series until mentioning of Lauren?
  7. Have you read every book in the series?
  8. Who is most like you personality wise?
  9. Who is Sashas first ACTUAL boyfriend at Canterwood?
  10. A little from Chosen and after it: Who is Laurens roomie and BFFL?
  11. Who is Laurens DREAMY crush?

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