What person from 11b1 are you?

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Well, well, well. All I can say is, be on the lookout for more quizzes regarding our wonderful school life. And if you are easily offended, you should probably stay away from any future quiz.

Created by: graeme

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you don't know the answer to a particular question in lesson time, what do you do?
  2. Who do you hate most of all in the school?
  3. You see a group of bottom sets truanting their lessons, what do you do?
  4. When did World War II start?
  5. Razor Ramon aka Hard Gay
  6. Do you have a MySpace?
  7. Who is your idol / idols?
  8. What family are you in?
  9. Are you doing a shoe box donation of your own?
  10. This is madness!
  11. What's your outlook on life?

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Quiz topic: What person from 11b1 am I?