Do you annoy me?

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As you may well now, I am a highly irritable person, and I am quite easily annoyed by people. This has been an increasingly occuring event. My sudden and intense hatred for people, that is.

But fear not! For you may not be among them. Actually, most people are, but whatever. My loved ones, and you all know who you are, are immune to this quiz no matter what result you get. None of you annoy me. I lurves mah friendlings~

Created by: The Coldest Sun

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  1. Why are you taking this quiz?
  2. When taking quizzes, do you answer questions dishonestly in hopes of getting a better result?
  3. Are grammar and spelling important to you?
  4. Are you a newb?
  5. Do you use the terms "Swag" and "Yolo"?
  6. Do you change boyfriends/girlfriends a lot?
  7. On the forums, do you often enter threads saying something along the lines of "*is covered in blood*"?
  8. Do you think all the older users are evil people who thrive off the sorrow of newer users?
  9. Do you obsess over and constantly chat about popular musicians like One Direction or Justin Bieber?
  10. Which of the following would you call yourself?
  11. Have you made a bunch of pointless quizzes to level up?
  12. When/if you do soaps, what are they most commonly about?
  13. Due to my lack of ideas for questions given my sleep-deprived state, this quiz shall conclude now. Because there aren't too many questions, it is my regret that the result cannot possibly be as accurate as I would like. My apologies. Bye now.

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Quiz topic: Do I annoy me?