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  • What is the name of the person you will marry?
    [published: Mar 24, 2014]

    There are a lot of beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, and cute people in this…

  • My GTQ Friends!
    [published: Mar 20, 2014]

    This quiz is a thanks to all my friends on the GoToQuiz forums who helped me when I was just starting out there. …

  • The Ultimate Heroes of Olympus Trivia!
    [published: Mar 19, 2014]

    The sequel series to Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus, is coming to an end. Test your…

  • Do you know history?
    [published: Mar 19, 2014]

    There are a lot of history facts in the world. This quiz only holds a few questions, but it will test your…

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  • Maze Runner Seir
    "My fave character is Minho. We share so many positive (and negative) characteristics."
  • New Writing Contest!
    "Okay, since no one else entered, I'm officially canceling the contest."
  • I'm in Luuuuv
  • New Writing Contest!
    "Okay, fine. How about maximum words is 1000 and minimum is 200?"
  • Need advice
    "Yes, please. But I think it might be too late. We're already midway through the semester and the three things he's said to me are: "
  • New Writing Contest!
    "If no one wants to enter or says anything by the end of the week, I'm canceling the contest."
  • Need advice
    "So there's this guy. His name is Kody (yes, with a K) and he is sooooo cute. He's nice and quiet and he doesn't get into trouble a lot. H..."
  • New Writing Contest!
    "I'm going to start a writing contest. Stories can be about anything. Requirements: 1) Must be appropriate for"
  • "nah"
  • Kill me!!!
    "Calm down. How old are you, by the way? I got my first crush in kindergarten. If you're too young to date, I suggest you can just stare a..."
  • "Act like you're seventeen, even though you're not. And call and text him a lot. This will be a sure hint to him that you want to keep your..."
  • ok. . guy problem.
    "Omg! I am just like that! There was this guy. He went to this fancy private school with me in kindergarten and he talked to me during sum..."
  • "kick cause I don't know this person"
  • "I have a crush on someone in my homeroom and 2 other classes. His name is Jonah."
  • Creepy Story Contest
    "I think I'll enter"

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