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    ilovepuppyz Advanced
    So, I'm hosting a story writing contest. The objective is to make the creepiest, scariest story you can. It can be no less than seven paragraphs, and no more than thirty. I'd appreciate proper- or at least legible- grammar. I will be judging the contest.

    There is no limit to the content of your entry (so if you wanna write an X rated entry or whatever, nobody's stopping you.)

    I encourage all skill levels to join, because even if you don't win, you will get credit where credit is due. Listen up; the prizes are:
    First- A shout out quiz, an account, and a story about anything you wish
    Second- A shout out quiz and a short story about anything you wish
    Third- A shout out quiz
    While the top three winners will get their own specific shout out quiz, another shout out quiz will be made honoring everyone who entered.

    As of now, all entries must be posted in this thread, as I currently can't check my email. If you absolutely will not post your entry here, keep it at hand, because I will notify you as soon as I can check my email.
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    ilovepuppyz Advanced
    ***It's due on Halloween.
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    I don't know if I'll win but I'll give it a try. Although this is technically supposed to be a Creepypasta based off of The Russian Sleep Experiment.

    bold text The Humanimal Experiment

    The following is a series of secret notes about a forgotten American experiment done in the 1940s during WWII.

    Day 1 April 2, 1943

    The seven test subjects arrive and are given a random animal. We hope this experiment will create human- animal hybrids as weapons against the Nazis. The military is here to oversee it. The subjects are 4 men and 3 women. Their animals are a wolf, an ocelot, an alligator, a bear, an eagle, a tarantula, and a stag beetle.

    Day 2 April 3, 1943

    The test subjects and animals are being put into chambers. All precautions were taken to make sure the animals don't see the subjects as food. We are trying to let them get used to their new environment

    Day 3 April 4, 1943

    We are now putting in a special gas that will merge the subjects and animals thoughts allowing them to read each others minds. We will keep them on this for 4 days

    Day 7 April 8, 1943

    Test results show that everything is working accordingly. We are now ready to deploy Phase 2, where we lace the subjects and animals food with a neuro chemical that reconfigures the subject's brains to have specific animal urges. This will continue for 3 weeks.

    Day 28 April 29, 1943

    the humans are starting to show the animal urges from their animal. They have started to grow fur and can no longer speak. With the success of Phase 2, we will commence to Phase 3 tomorrow.

    Day 29 April 30, 1943

    We have taken all animals out of the chambers and as soon as we did the subjects behaved strangely and started growling and roaring whenever one of the scientists get close to them. However we must continue with Phase 3 as planned. We will start injecting a body modification into the subjects everyday. We will do this for 2 months.

    Day 79 June 19, 1943

    Phase 3 has been cut short due to increased aggression levels and violent outbursts from the subjects. One of them mutilated one of our scientists to the point of no recognition and killed him. The general is very angry with this failure but we have no choice. We will discontinue the experiment tomorrow, label it as fail and return everyone back to normal. Hopefully.

    Day 80 June 20, 1943

    Help! The subjects are escaping and killing all the scientists and military personal! They are immune to bullets and stabbing! That shouldn't be possible! Oh no! They're coming for me! They're killing me! No! No! NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    The scientists, personal and the test subjects were never found and were found to be almost immortal. All experiment files were found and confiscated by the F.B.I. It is unknown where the subjects are now. If there still alive.
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    ilovepuppyz Advanced
    Update: I can now check my email. My email address is thisismynameyouidiot[@]
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    S_E_ Novice
    Okay, I'll post mine in the morning.
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    RainInTheShadows Experienced
    I emailed my entry.
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    S_E_ Novice

    Sitting in the parlor, the cat watched the old grandfather clock as it's pendelum swung. The cat often sat there, without giving any reason. The cat rarely left that spot, ecspecially when Taylor began to act strangly. The cat sat there, as if to think of what had happened.

    The first person go missing was uncle Freddy. Of all the people in the estate, the cat disliked him the most. He never fed the cat, and always got food crumbs in the cat's fluffy gray fur. Uncle Freddy was found stuck up the chimeny, with the message BEWARE THE END written in ash on the parlor floor. The maid however, just vaccumed the floor and was on her merry way.

    She, of course, was next to go. She always hated the cat, leaving hair on one spot on the floor. She was found dead as well, stuffed in the vaccum with a note in her mouth: Or it shall destroy you. However, Grandfather threw away the vaccum.

    Grandfather was found in the shed, ground to a pulp. He had always been allergic to the cat, But mother inssted on keeping it. Grandfather's roses had been cut down, and the words Fear the dark were spelled on the ground.

    Fear seeped throughout the estate. Mother and father held baby near, and refused to let Grandmother out of site. They now knew they could never escape their secret. Defeated, they decided to leave the estate.

    Searching for Taylor, they heard a sound from the parlor. The at lay there, staring at the clock. But, the clock had been thrown open, and something was pulling Taylor by the ankles. Mother screamed, and Grandmother fainted. Father set Baby down, and pulled out his knife. The thing threw the knife, stabbing Mother.

    Grandmother regained herself, and graabing the baby, fled the house. The thing pulled Father And Taylor down to tey basement, where it held Taylor to a wall. "Father left me here to die, sister!" It shouted. "So I'll show him by killing you!" The thing ripped out Taylor's heart, and grabbing a peice of hot metal, stabbed Father.
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    ilovepuppyz Advanced
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    Ariana9 Novice
    I think I'll enter
  • Yanxia Newbie
    I'll enter too. I'll have it posted soon.
  • Yanxia Newbie
    Can we submit two stories?
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    ilovepuppyz Advanced
    Yes, you can submit up to three stories.
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    LuckyFirefly Advanced
    October 31st.

    Halloween. The Claire household was quiet, the old mansion nearly empty, except for little Grace Claire, only ten years old. There had of course been some hesitation in leaving the girl home alone, her questionable mental state leaving the parents quite unsure, but ultimately Mr. and Mrs. Claire's prior engagement led to them being out of the house. You see, Grace had always been a rather strange child. She was very quiet, only speaking when spoken to, and even then her replies were very small and of few words. When she reached the age of five, however, her behavior grew worrisome. She had no friends at school, and at home she would sit in her room, murmuring to herself.
    "Who are you talking to, up there in your room?" Aunts and grandmothers would ask with a smile, trying to coax a conversation out of the child. Her answer was always the same. "His name is Death. He says he's going to take me away someday." This resulted in many greatly disturbed relatives, and over the course of time their visits grew scarce until they stopped coming altogether. She was now even more isolated. Her parents tried countless psychiatrists, but each of them simply laughed at the condition. "It's a phase," They would say. "She'll grow out of it." And she did, momentarily. At the age of eight, she was a very happy child, and the conversations in her room stopped. She went to birthday parties and play dates and spoke more often, more openly, and most importantly to real people. But they say all good things must come to an end. Like a mirror, her sanity seemed to shatter, and on her tenth birthday she locked herself in her room and wouldn't come out. Her parents threatened and banged, bribed and pleaded, but the door remained shut. All day, though they tried to distract themselves, they could hear her laughing. Laughing and talking. She would pause every so often, as if listening to someone's reply. To say it was unnerving would be an impressive understatement. The next day, she opened up the door. Around her neck was a thin silver chain, from which dangled a delicate silver scythe charm. Her parents asked many times where she had gotten it from, but she simply smiled. "Death gave it to me. He's coming very soon." After a week or two had passed, the incident was forgotten, and though Grace still frequently mumbled to herself, she seemed to be returning to the happy girl she had once been. So when Mr. and Mrs. Claire received an invitation to a Halloween party, the decided it would be alright to leave their daughter alone for a few hours. So alone she was, sitting on the floor in the center her room. Her head hung down, pale blonde locks falling down to hide her face. For what seemed like hours there was no sound, save for the rhythm of the great grandfather clock down the hall. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Then suddenly the silence was broken, by a great chiming from the ancient timekeeper. Ding! One. Ding! Two. All the way up to twelve. Midnight. And at the exact moment when the final chime sounded, Grace looked up, an eery smile marring her face's innocent look.

    "He's here."


    Mrs. Claire fished her phone out of her purse, hearing the familiar little tune that meant she was getting a call. "Hello?" "Lucinda, hi!" She was answered by the cheerful voice of Ms. Jones, the woman living across the street. "Hello Tam, did you need something?" Mrs. Claire asked. "Oh, nothing really, I just wanted to tell you that your Halloween decorations are amazing! So realistic it's scary!" The upbeat college student laughed. On the other end, Lucinda Claire froze. They didn't decorate the house for Halloween. They never had. She put a quick end to the call and went to find her husband. The drive home wasn't far, but the mounting suspense and panic made it seem like miles and miles. When the old mansion came into view, she barely held back a scream. In the glow of the headlights, a shape could be made out, swinging from the oak tree in the front yard. The Claire's quickly stumbled out of the car, and Lucinda really did scream as they got closer. Little Grace Claire who now had a rope around her neck in addition to her precious necklace. Swinging from the tree's sturdiest branch, that unnerving smile still stuck on her lifeless face. Crimson splotches stood out prominently against the white fabric of her dress, which was torn and tattered. Directly below the small corpse was one single piece of paper, and on it a message scribed in the same red that stained the dress:

    I told you he'd come.
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    WolfLove Senior
    I'm joining as well.

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