What is the name of the person you will marry?

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There are a lot of beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, and cute people in this humongous world of humans beings. But there is only one person out there who is the perfect one for you.

Who will YOU end up getting married to? Until now, you could only wonder and think. But instead, now you could find out with this excellent and exciting quiz!

Created by: Ariana9
  1. Which words do you think best describe you?
  2. Which of the following best describes your hair?
  3. Which of the following best describes your eyes?
  4. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
  5. Do you like poetry?
  6. Do you enjoy reading?
  7. Do you like going to school?
  8. What is your favorite form of art?
  9. Which of these names do you like best?
  10. Which of these names do you like best?
  11. Are you loud and do you talk a lot?
  12. Do you like the color pink?
  13. Are you strong?
  14. Did you like this quiz?
  15. Will you comment and rate?

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