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Thread Topic: New Writing Contest!

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    Ariana9 Novice
    I'm going to start a writing contest. Stories can be about anything.


    1) Must be appropriate for younger readers and nothing too violent or gory.
    2) Must be at least 300 words and less than 700 words.
    3) Must be an original creation, completely and entirely.
    4) No more than 1 entry per person.

    Failure to meet the requirements will result in disqualification from the contest.


    1st place: An appropriate story about a topic of your choice, less than 1000 words and written exclusively by me.
    2nd place: An appropriate quiz about a topic of your choice, less than 25 questions and created exclusively by me.
    3rd place: An appropriate poll about a topic of your choice created exclusively by me.

    All entries are due by November 15, no exceptions. Winning stories will be posted on a separate thread, and requests for stories, quizzes, or polls will also be posted there. Possible (although unlikely) updates on rules will be posted on this thread. Have fun!
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    S_E_ Junior
    I'll try a bit later.
  • Yanxia Newbie
    Maybe I'll enter, too.
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    Ariana9 Novice
    If no one wants to enter or says anything by the end of the week, I'm canceling the contest.
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    SN1P3RL4ZY Novice
    How about not having a maximum amount of words?
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    Joker1001 Experienced

    And, being kid-friendly. I mainly focus on stories that would give 9-year-olds and such tight-terrors, along with mild profanity, so.
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    barberbob2 Senior
    That's the point of a contest you two. Keep it clean, fit the requirements. You won't always have things your way in a literary field. Leaving your comfort zone is good for you.
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    Totality Novice
    Sorry, I only write stuff that's inappropriate. :P
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    Ariana9 Novice
    Okay, fine. How about maximum words is 1000 and minimum is 200?
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    Slim_t Senior
    XD its like bon said, the point is that it is not your preference
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    Ariana9 Novice
    Okay, since no one else entered, I'm officially canceling the contest.
  • Once, there was a little girl named Kealyn, and a little boy, named Jamie. They were both twelve and had been best friends their whole lives. One day as they were sitting down watching a movie, Kealyn began to fly! Kealyn screamed as Jamie just stared. They soon found out that Kealyn was very special, she was a wizard. Jamie was so upset that his best friend had to go to a place where she would not be able to see him again. But, the day before Kealyn left, he was fishing and fell into the harbor! Everyone knew he was dead when they saw that he was gone hours later... However, Jamie burst from the sea, turns out, the sea was magical! So Jamie got to go away with Kealyn and they lived happily ever after!
  • animefairy18 Newbie
    Narrator: During the war the two villages disliked each other and all of a sudden someone fired an arrow and war broke out during the war. Two families left their villages to get out of the crossfire between the two warring villages the name of these two families is Sou and the Kaze families these families did not want war at all and the sou family from the fire phoenix village also did not want war either so these two families left and did not say where they were going.
    During the war the two villages disliked each other and all of a sudden someone fired an arrow.
    satori sou is 60 -61 his weight is 137 lbs his hair color is pure ice blue with tints of silver and a streak of red his eye color is pure ice blue he is married and has one daughter both of his parents are deceased and has two siblings Leo Kaze and Rena sou but Leo and satori are half brothers and Angel is blood related to satori. and he is always traveling with Lela and Yukino all the time. Lela sou her height is 54-55 her weight is 121.5 lbs her eye color is pure silver with tints of red and silver she is married and has one daughter her mother is Lela sou sr her father is deceased she has no siblings. Yukino is the daughter of Satori and Lela Sou she is 17 years old her eye color is pure ice blue and her hair color is silvery white with tints of red and ice blue. she is traveling with her parents Lela and satori.
    Leo: Leonia where are the kids?
    Leonia: i thought they were with you honey
    Narrator: all you hear is screams of terror from outside. Rouge kick flips the man who tries to take her from Terrance and you hear a giant thud.
    Terrance: Let my little sister go!
    The stranger: she is quite cute i would say.
    Rouge: L-Let me go!
    Narrator:Leo Leonia, and the bartender runs outside
    The bartender/ retired cop: what is going on out here?
    Rouge: D-daddy!
    Leonia: Terrance dear are you ok and asks the man what did you do to our daughter?
    Terrance: yea mom im ok but rouge is scared out of her wits when she looks at him * points to the man*
    Rouge: s-stay a-away from m-me y-you monster!!
    The stranger: im not a scary person at all
    Narrator: Rouge runs and hides behind Terrance and is shaking like she saw death right before her eyes.
    Terrance: Rouge its going to be alright i promise it will be.
    The bartender/retired cop: young lady can you tell me what happened?
    Rouge: ill try to.
    Narrator: Leo, Lela, and Yukino were coming by the bar.
    Lela: sees rouge shaking and turns to the man and said something to him
    Terrance: you scared the wits out of my little sister.
    Rouge: nii-san please dont yell.
    Terrance: im sorry rouge for yelling
    Leo: . satori what are you doing here?
    Satori: Just passing by Leo thats all
    Gatsu: you are satori sou aka gatsuga tensou kaze.
    Satori: *just laughs* no one has called me that in so many years not since the great Kaze Tensou war.
    Gatsu: that is true Satori so how are you?
    Lela: Yukino would you please talk to Leonias daughter and ask her what happened please.
    Yukino: ...sure mom..
    Leonia: young girl did you said that your name is yukino?
    Yukino: yes ma'am my name is yukino my mother is Lela Sou and my father is Satori Sou we once hailed from the Water phoenix village. Since the war has started we left the village to not get in the crossfire.
    Lela: i see
    Gatsu: did you say Water phoenix Village?
    Yukino: yes sir
    Narrator: meanwhile back at the villages both sides are weary, tired, and has about hundred thousand casualties on both sides. Both sides are not giving in to each other even though they will have more casualties than they already have. Yukino bends down and faces rouge. The elders of both villages argue over who started the war. The two other villages of earth and air remained neutral during the war.
    The elder of wind phoenix: does it really matter who started it must end now or the other lands will attack and overrun your nation...
    narrator: Fire and water kazes are still arguing and still fighting
    Earth kaze: wind kaze we must not be involved with their war, they must solve it on their own...
    Wind Kaze: I do agree with you Earth Kaze we have our own problems to deal with

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