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  • "Open to Experience 11th percentile Conscientiousness 8th percentile Extroversion 30th percentile Agreeableness 6th percent"
  • Well sheeit.
    "Holy cow it's Jade!"
  • Pee Holding
    "Holy cow it's Jade"
  • I was reminded of here
    "Let us, the retired users, reclaim this tiny corner of this site! @talent, doing alright. Work and school consume my being. Li"
  • I was reminded of here
    "I saw the same facebook post. Howdy!"
  • Pee Holding
    "83% of men have reported pee shivers, while only 58% of women have. Research is still out as to why the difference but a popular theory is s..."
  • Well sheeit.
    "And the worst part is that this isn't even the first time I've had a moment like this so I don't know why I'm saying that it's maybe a way f..."
  • Well sheeit.
    "alright, you didn't see that. so the other type of s---ty person is the better-than-you kind. The ones who hold you to an unre"
  • Well sheeit.
    "pg 2 I feel like I got off on a bit of a rant there, and that's fine. this is supposed to be stream of random consciousness. Sp"
  • Well sheeit.
    "It's almost 2 in the morning, I've had a bit to drink, and I just remembered my log in. So here we go. I'm just going to contin"
  • Pee Holding
    "Sometimes it's just too inconvenient to let it out. But here's the real question. Do you shiver when you finish?"
  • "I need a heart beat A passion to call my own but I lack the drive I'm mostly tired now No energy to tell tale"
  • "This thread isn't really a discussion or a topic. It's just an observation I'm making about myself. I used to write a lot on this website an..."
  • "If you have an opinion on the internet, regardless of username, your opinion doesn't matter."
  • "I'd say that that probably isn't how it's calculated. 1.4 million "visits" a month and 1.7 million quizzes taken means that each page can't ..."

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