Do you have to go Potty?

This is quiz is suitable for all ages. From those newborn potty learners opening up their eyes to an amazing "potty" world, to the best of the best, this quiz will give you a result to charish, and could save an accident.

Do you have to go potty? You can never be sure. your brain could secretly fooling you to think one thing, and it could be the complete opposite! You might have to waste a trip to the jon or pee in your pants! My quiz won't be altered by brain tricks!

Created by: Brittonio34

  1. So... How are feeling?
  2. Are you squirming a bit?
  3. Do you feel uncomfortable?
  4. Are you making any uncontrollable actions by chance?
  5. What are you thinking about?
  6. Okay, envision a toilet, your thoughts?
  7. What is you bladder telling you to do?
  8. What does number 1 mean to you?
  9. On a scale of 1-5 how badly do you have to go potty?
  10. How was your quiz experience? (This will have NO effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I have to go Potty?