How will you raise your kids

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Some of you might be mean to the kids but some might be super nice.You might as well be in the middle.Some kids fight some love to play with each other

By the way this is part 1 part 2 will be soon!I promise.I do not do quizzez on parts but this one would of took me hours!Do hope you like it!Byebye

Created by: cats
  1. You've just got two new babies,1 boy and 1 girl.What do you call them?
  2. Your kids are 1 and the boy has just broke his favourite toy and cry what do you do?
  3. Your girl is 1 and she has lost her blankie what do you do?
  4. Its their 2nd birthday and they get a new stuffed animal from nana/granny but they fight about it what do you do?
  5. They are 3 and they are hitting each other.What do you do?
  6. Your kids are 4 and going to school but one did not get in what do you do?
  7. They both 5 and go to school now and they have good friends.Then they want to go to after school activeties.You think about it that you could go to work to get extra money.You decide to send them to a after school sport on Wednesday and Thursday.What do you pick from below?
  8. Both 6 now and getting along with work.They are very bored over the summer and want to go somewhere,Where do they go and with you or without?
  9. Both 7 and do not like baby things.They fight over TV one wants Hannah Montana and one wants a football match.What do you do?
  10. Both 8 now the boy whats to go skateboarding on the road.He falls and brakes his hand.You call for the ambulance and he gets ok!
  11. The girl is 8 and gets lost but she has your number in her head she calls of a phone in a boot.She tells you where she is and you find her what is she doing?
  12. They are 9 they have new friends and they rather spend time with them it was a family Friday but the kids had plans do you:
  13. They are 10 and want to go with there friends to the mall/park what do you say?
  14. They are 11 years old and want their own room because they share do you?
  15. Now of to secondary school 12 years old and they want a dog.
  16. 13 years old and they want to go to disneyland!They have 100$ in their piggy-bank
  17. This is part 1-But the second one will be nearly the same!

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Quiz topic: How will I raise my kids