How many kids should I have?

Wondering how many kids to have? Not sure what the magic number is for you? There are so many people in the exact same position as you. So many people are not sure how many kids to have, and need a little advice.

Well if you are one of these people, never fear! This quiz can help you consider and think over your current situation in life, and give you a good idea of how many kids are right for you!

Created by: Jane Smith
  1. Well, for starters, how many kids do you want?
  2. Scenario: You see a woman with three kids, she's holding on to her toddler to stop him from running across the street, while holding a bottle in a newborn's mouth, and picking up the doll that her kindergartener dropped, and meanwhile she's on the phone yelling at her husband about what he forgot at the grocery store.
  3. How quiet must your household with your future kids) be?
  4. Do you have baby fever?
  5. Do you have any kids now?
  6. What are their opinions on the family size?
  7. What is your opinion on a small family? (1 child)
  8. What is your opinion on a medium sized family? (2 or 3 kids)
  9. How about a really large family? (4 or more kids)
  10. How about no kids?
  11. What is your financial situation?
  12. After seeing these questions, and considering what each of them has to do with how many kids you want, and thinking it over again, now how many kids do you want?

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