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  • This is partially incorrect. Nightmare Moon is not the second princess, Luna is.

    Sharon905 Jun 30 '16, 4:09PM
  • 56%

    That means half of me is one of YOU

    Well it's settled, I'm gonna grow another personality

    Than ks -_-

    I really wish that said 0%

    That's what I get for watching YTP

    Alphanonymous May 11 '15, 12:16AM
  • 80%

    Brony6804 Feb 16 '15, 5:48PM
  • 38%

    Kiersten 1D Nov 13 '14, 3:58PM
  • Sorry about that. I'm here.

    Br0wnieBunny Oct 17 '14, 8:49PM
  • I will help.

    WolfLove Oct 17 '14, 3:15PM
  • I'm here.
    I can't tell if the damn thing is submitting. Sorry.

    The Coldest Sun Oct 17 '14, 2:25PM
  • This is where we make our stand.

    The Geek Oct 17 '14, 12:51PM
  • 0%

    XD oh lord

    funniebunnie01 Aug 22 '14, 1:50AM
  • 100. See my username. XD

    ThePegasister Aug 15 '14, 8:54PM
  • 80% this quiz is awesome 100/10

    des4life Feb 3 '13, 11:43PM
  • 100% ??? how the hay??
    some answer options are just wrong!
    Princesses: Celestia and Nightmare Moon ? wat? ever heard of Luna?
    Discord into stone: yeah, Celestia and Luna is right, but the mane6 did it too.
    Mare-do-well?? Rarity just made the costumes, she never was mare-do-well. please make your quiz more accurate.

    Donarion Nov 27 '12, 1:03PM
  • Haha it was fun~

    slytherin queeen Oct 27 '12, 8:28AM
  • I'm not as into it as I'd like to be, but I at least got 59%!

    rascal1178 Oct 14 '12, 3:31PM
  • 25% 12yr old male only seen one ep so i'm happy

    gryphonkid Aug 26 '12, 6:11PM
  • 93%

    Im 13 and female but i love this series anyways.

    GLaDOS Jul 30 '12, 8:45PM
  • As the creator of this quiz, I just want to say thank you to everyone who took it. No matter what you got on it or what your opinion is on MLP, the fact still remains; you looked up the quiz, you took it, and you spent the time to post a comment. Your every action has motivated me to possibly make a follow up quiz.

    If you're a fan, thank you. It means everything to me that you enjoyed this quiz.

    If you're not, thank you. By taking this quiz you're showing an interest that you're not willing to admit to yourself.

    In either case, I will love and tolerate you all. And remember, Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    barberbob2 Jul 30 '12, 6:30PM
  • 93%
    It's because I'm under 13 and female, most likely. The questions were easy. :I
    Also, @heirofmind
    I liked Homestuck, but I don't love it. I'm not going to argue with you hate for bronies, just love and tolerate the s--- out of you.

    Rainbow Dash Jul 8 '12, 6:08PM
  • Need any lice in the vid I explained ill happily do so

    heirofmind Jul 4 '12, 3:29AM
  • Ur precious discord song now belongs to andrew hussie

    Type [S]Discord

    Homes tuck shall prevale

    heirofmind Jul 4 '12, 2:08AM
  • Fine just look up homestuck on google. NO BRONYS ALLOWED

    Its on a website called mspaintadventure

    heirofmind Jul 4 '12, 2:02AM
  • @PurpleCheeries
    I' ll say it once, and I'll say it again: IT IS NOT A FREAKIN SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS!!!! omg ignorance in some people these days! Dx

    (I'll try to follow the brony community's motto)
    *aggressive ly* I'M GOING TO LOVE AND TOLERATE THE s--- OUTTA YOU!!! YOU GOT THAT???? GR...

    Kirby Jul 2 '12, 6:29AM

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