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    [published: Jan 09, 2012, 41 comments]

    itsmypartyitsmypartyitsmyparty :DD!have fun!it's cool! music...dancing...doing stuff!u can do whatever u wanna……

  • another really nice story!
    [published: Oct 02, 2011, 18 comments]

    there are so many nice and romantic and funny stories out there but i made this one it's a kinda nice……

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  • ~*Lily Land*~
    "Yeah sure (: Just give me your email and I'll send you a message~"
  • ~*Lily Land*~
    "*The truth Sure, Anything."
  • ~*Lily Land*~
    "I did forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago. It's just that.. You're a part of me. I can't forget you even though I've tried. I mean I ..."
  • ~*Lily Land*~
    "Since we're being honest, I also miss you so damn much. Hmm.. Well I can't forget you even though it sometimes feels like you're fading away..."
  • ~*Lily Land*~
    "Yay so that means I STILL have the power to make you fall off your chair >:} Jkjk (: I kinda miss this place.."
  • ~*Lily Land*~
    "(: Oh my god, Where did you find this?!"
  • I feel full of power.
    "Yup. Die~ I'm not gonna waste my time with you. Have fun being a f---ed up pervert. c: By the way How old are you, like, 9? With a grammar a..."
  • I feel full of power.
    "You can't love someone by talking to them for only two days. Stop acting like such a desperate little piece of s---, you're making a fool of..."
  • Internet Dating.
    "Oh no, dear. That relationship ended a year ago. We're friends now and that's fine with me... I guess."
  • Internet Dating.
    "Well, I've been on an Online relationship before and loved him with all my heart. When you truely love someone on the internet it's like.. y..."
  • "Oh yes, It's beautiful. There's just this one part, "To wake me And to shake me awake". Aren't they the same? Maybe find another way to expl..."
  • 2014......
    "s--- I thought you wre talking about him. >.> Yeah I know he still comes on."
  • 2014......
    "He's a guy...And yeah.. don't talk like that about him. =(("
  • 2014......
    "Oh Matt, I remember him. I know how you feel. It's sad when your best friends leave you, or when you're not close anymore. I hope for anothe..."
  • Jimmy Page
    "Yes! 70 years old but still a freaking badass. "

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