Can I please get some feedback on this?

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Thread Topic: Can I please get some feedback on this?

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    AllHailLelouch Experienced
    To close for me
    and to open for I need
    You are my door
    To wake me
    And to shake me awake
    It's of calmness you remind me
    And when all strikes through
    You'll be the last of the few
    To keep sleeping suns alight
    Forgetting everything but me
    So disastrous as it may seem
    But making peace as we fight
    We know one clear thing
    We'll remain here tonight

    (It's for a class. Is it good enough for war- related?)
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    Gracious Novice
    No,It is not related to war!

    The poem is a fantastic poem.Really,The words throw it's meaning gradually after we read them.

    Well, hi I am gracious.
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    Gracious Novice
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    slytherin queeen Advanced
    Oh yes, It's beautiful. There's just this one part, "To wake me And to shake me awake". Aren't they the same? Maybe find another way to explain it? But anyway it's great. :) Nice job.
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    Elliryanna Novice
    I love it, and yes, though indirectly, it is related to war.
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    AllHailLelouch Experienced
    Thanks guys, means a lot to me.
    @lily yes I guess you're right they are kinda the same? :P

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