How Well Do You Know Me?(update)

Hello,this is one of those quizes.This one is more of an update since some things changed since my last quiz...I tried to make it difficult but that didn't

Work out very well,so this what I came up with.Though its a lot longer than the last two I made I think,or I dunno if I made two or not haha,don't remember really,anyways,hope you enjoy.

Created by: 6 6 sick

  1. Am I Guy or Girl?
  2. What is my favorite food?
  3. Who is my Favorite?
  4. My Favorite Soft Drink?
  5. How tall am I?
  6. Where do I live?
  7. How old was I when I got my first guitar?
  8. Who am I currently living with?
  9. How many Tattoos do I have?
  10. Pets?
  11. What is my favorite Horror Movie?
  12. Do I have facial or body piercings? Or both? Or none at all?
  13. Where do I work?
  14. How many CDs do I own?
  15. Do I drive a Truck or a Car?
  16. How long is my hair?
  17. What race am I?
  18. Who is Steve?
  19. Knife?
  20. What did I once do?
  21. Do I have a Facebook?
  22. Do I smoke?
  23. Do I Drink?
  24. What animal chased me?
  25. Am I single?
  26. How many friends do I currently have?
  27. What was my least favorite subject in school?
  28. Do I paint?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?(update)