One Direction- love is in the air Update!!!

Hey guys so this is a quiz update that I made on my iPod. :) it talks about how I am stopping my quiz that I only did one part for and I am basically redoing it it making a new one.

So yep. I am thinking about doing a new series with Justin Beiber during this one but I'm not sure. Maybe leave a comment if I should? Or you can I don't really care.

Created by: Onedirectioner82
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  1. So did u read the opening paragraph? It actually means something this time XD
  2. Okay so from here on One Direction-love is in the air is finished. I just felt like that was a opening that was already used and I have a different opening! It hopefully hasn't been used before!
  3. The new series will probably just be called One Direction Love Story. I have so much trouble thinking of titles XD
  4. And for the ending of the new series which I promise won't be for a while, there will be a different ending for each boy in 1D!
  5. So yep. Now I have 5 more questions to do :(
  6. The rest of them will be filled... WITH RANDOMNESS
  7. Who do you think you are?
  8. Give you this give you that blow a kiss take it back if I looked inside you brain
  9. If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go
  10. See ya guys! Remember, new series coming soon!!

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