One Direction Facts #4 ^^

Hi! This is the fourth One Direction facts thing. ^_^ Well, all of you should know, that the purpose of this quiz is to level up and also because I love 1D! ^^

Annnd... This is HOW it really goes!: Liam is the smart one, Harry is the flirt, Zayn is vain, Niall is the funny one, and Louis is the leader. XD This was on their second, NOT FIRST, video diary. Yeah, I got confused. >_>

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. If Liam was stranded on a deserted island and could bring one band member, he'll bring Louis to make him laugh.
  2. Niall went to an all boys school, so he doesn't really know how to act around girls.
  3. Harry lives with Louis. .(I don't really care if I already said this one in my previous ones).
  4. Louis once poured tea into Niall's pants while he was sleeping to make him look like he'd peed himself. xP
  5. When Zayn was younger, he used to think of himself as a gangster.
  6. Liam is considered as the. 'smart one'.
  7. Harry is considered as 'the flirt '.
  8. Zayn is considered as the 'bad boy' or 'the mysterious one'.
  9. Niall is considered as the 'cute Irish one' or 'the funny one'.
  10. And finally, Louis is considered as the 'leader'. These were on their first video diary so yep.

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