The One Direction Pop Quiz!

This Quiz Is Made For Extreme Directioners,But If You Want To Test Your One Direction Knowledge,Take This Quiz!The Level Of This Quiz Is Hard.If You Get Above 70%,Tell Me In The Comments!Its Hard!

Do You Know One Directions Bloodtypes?Do You Know The Exact Time Hary Was Born?Do You When FOUR Is Going To Be/Was Released?Do You Know When Steal My Girl Was Released?Take This Quiz And See If You Get It Right!

Created by: Kiersten 1D

  1. What Is One Direction's Music Genre?
  2. How Many Boy(s) Are There In One Direction?
  3. They're The Biggest Boy Band In The World.
  4. What Is Their Latest Song As Of 9-30-14?
  5. As Of 10-25-14,What Is Their Current Album?
  6. When Was/When Is FOUR Going To Be Released?
  7. What Is Their Emblem?
  8. When Is Harry's Birthday?
  9. What Is Liam's Blood Type?
  10. Harry Was Born At.......
  11. Harry And Zayn's Blood Type Are Both.....
  12. Niall's Blood Type Is......(Niall Is My Favorite,Just So You Know.)
  13. Louis's Blood Type Is.....
  14. Ok Enough With The Blood Types,Who Is Kevin?
  15. What Do People Call Niall Sometimes?
  16. What Song Does Niall Sing The First Verse On?
  17. What Did They Sing At Judges House?
  18. What Did Harry Sing At Auditions?
  19. What Did Niall Sing At Auditions?
  20. What Solo Song Did Harry Write?(It Is On YouTube And Is Not On Any Albums)
  21. What Song(s) Were Leaked?
  22. They Have World Record(s).
  23. What Is The One Direction Holiday Called?
  24. (This Is The Last Question)Is One Direction Beyond Awesome?

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