How well do you know One Direction

A lot of people say they 'really' know One Direction. Do you? Put your knowledge of the boys to the test and answer these questions to see if you really do know them.

If you are a Fan or not you should defiantly take this test. You never know, you could be a secret One Direction fan and know everything there is to know about them! :)

Created by: Anna
  1. Who's the youngest member of One Direction?
  2. Whos man crush is Robbie Williams?
  3. Whos favourite film is Toy Story?
  4. Who gets the most amount of solos
  5. Who wanted to be a Lawyer before they wanted to be a singer?
  6. Who was born on Christmas Eve?
  7. Which 3 boys have size 8 feet?
  8. Who Supports Derby County football club?
  9. Who was it that said their best Christmas present was a guitar?
  10. Which of the boys can't swim?
  11. Whos last name means 'King' in Arabic?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction