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well this quizz is about one direction where you can try to get as many answers as you can get.soo i hope youll have funn taking this test cause i took a long time into this.

i am a big fan of one direction i known them since 2010 they are my favorite band and i love them to death,i would always do the best song ever dance.

Created by: mary
  1. Who was the youngest of the group
  2. What was the Day Niall Was Born
  3. What was their First song
  4. Who Put Them Together As A Band?
  5. Who Is Afraid of Spoons?
  6. Who Likes Girls Who eat Carrots
  7. Which Is The Correct Album?
  8. Who Is Louis Girlfriend?
  9. Who Is the oldest in the band?
  10. How Many Band members Are There?
  11. When Is Louis Birthday
  12. When Is Zayn Birthday?
  13. how old is Harry Styles
  14. Who likes short girls?

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