Which One Direction boy is your true love?

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Do YOU love one direction? If so, go ahead and click on this quiz! Let's see which boy is most compatible with you! Will it be Niall? Or will it be Harry? What about Zayn? How about Louis or Liam?

P.S I think this is the most updated type of version of this kinda quiz. Most of the ones I took don't really base on the guys' personality of 2014. So please enjoy and leave feedback! xoxo

Created by: bangpayne
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  1. School has finally begun! You're either:
  2. You're at school and you make friends with the new girl! She's beautiful, outgoing, and getting majorly popular real quick! Do you:
  3. A perfect date would be:
  4. You're crush texts you -- yes! He asks: hey, we should hang out :-) The thing is, he's friends with a lot of girls! You reply with:
  5. You woke up and feel like staying in bed FOR-EVER! You know you have to go to school -- thank god it's friday! You:
  6. You scored some V.I.P tickets for the closest One Direction concert in your town! You're so pumped! You wear:
  7. It's Christmas! (jingle bells, jingle bells!) You would rather:
  8. Halloween has finally arrived! After a couple of days decided what you were going to choose, you end up getting:
  9. You're finally going to Disneyland for a family trip! You immediately head to:
  10. Who do you hope you get?
  11. Can you go read some of my books on Wattpad? My user is @bangpayne!

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Quiz topic: Which One Direction boy is my true love?