Who do you suit the most out the One Direction?

There are so many people wishing to meet One Direction. So many people in love with them. But YOU the odd one out, your stuck between the boys, and asking yourself who do I suit? Who do I love?

Are you a true Directioner? Who do you dream of marrying? Are you that FoodGirl, FunnyGirl? Find out here now, who you suit the best!! Just a couple of questions! Who is your future Boyfriend?

Created by: Mary-Ellen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi there! Where would you go for an ideal date?
  2. Whats Your fave colour?
  3. You colour hair?
  4. If you had a chance, what type of house would you buy?
  5. Its time for dinner, What do you eat?
  6. OMG! Time to wake up,its _ _:_ _!
  7. You have to go to your boyfriends, brothers wedding, What do you wear? (Considering you have 10 minutes to get ready)!x
  8. What makeup do you like to wear?
  9. 1 word to describe you:
  10. Your appearance:

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Quiz topic: Who do I suit the most out the One Direction?