What Will Happen To You If One Direction Kidnaps You?

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Hi there girls! Yeah like I said this quiz is for girls (unless you are gay...)! Please be honest or you would have taken this quiz uselessly! Bye bye see ya later! Please rate the quiz!

If you love One Direction, this quiz is for you! jkfncefljcnlj kfeamemrfecemrckmcklm cmcmcemekl rmcklemciemcklc xcnxejkewnxknec xnjenw enxcjencxke cxexknekwn Sorry I needed 150 letters and spaces!

Created by: prankster
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  1. You walk on an empty street, walking home from school. Your parents are away and your brothers/sisters are at their BFFs' houses, which makes you alone at home for the week. You here a car stopping behind you.
  2. You here a guy following you and you turn around. It's dark and you can barely see the guy. What can you see of his physical appearance?
  3. The guy runs after you and you start runing away. Whatever you do, he manages to catch you and takes you in a van. Four other guys are there waiting for you. They attach you to the remaining seat. They all fall asleep and you can't manage to do the same. What do you think of?
  4. You wake up in a room:
  5. A boy with black hair and tatoos comes in and tells you you are in _____(the name of the guy you love)'s room. He take you downstairs. What do you do while you go downstairs?
  6. You get downstairs and see four guys. Who do you like the most?
  7. "Hey, I'm Niall!" says the blond boy with blue eyes. "I'm Louis!" says the brunette with blue eyes. "I'm Liam!" said the brunette with brown eyes. "I'm Harry!" said the curly haired boy with green eyes. "And I'm Zayn!" said the one that had taken you downstairs.
  8. Whatever you say, they say they can't let you go. You guys go eat and you look at them one by one.
  9. In the evening, the boys tell you they don't have a spare room so you will have to share the room with one of the boys. Who do you hope will have to share the room with you?
  10. You get to share the room with the one you chose, you are so glad! The guy asks you things about you. Then he asks you what do you like to do.
  11. Then he asks you what you don't like.
  12. Finish with the role play time. Please be honest, what colour of hair do you have?
  13. Be honest again please, what is the colour of your eyes?

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