Sweet Surmise: Part 3

Your name is Macy. You live in beautiful Rory Hills and you've just come out of junior high. Always the outcast and never really in anyone's "loop," you spent your preteen days alone--but it gave you a chance to get into a few advanced classes here and there your freshman year. And all that leads up to meeting Jack the sophomore, Dannon the junior, and Zack--the new freshman in town. Now, the 3rd came out fast, didn't it? Haha, I promised it'd be out /soon/! :3 Anyways...

So which one will you fall for? Or will you leave them all in the pits? ** Riley: Shaggy brown hair and alluring blue eyes. Still getting over his summer love, Lennie the snowboard chick. ** Dannon: Shaggy blonde hair with green eyes. Loves to dirtboard, is the daredevil badboy type. ** Zack: Short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. New freshman in town, very friendly but reserved as well. ** Oliver: long brown hair and hazel eyes. Outgoing, friendly. Leo's twin. ** Leo: long brown hair and hazel eyes. Shy, quiet, mysterious. Oliver's twin.

Created by: Gandit
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  1. "Okay," Leo says. You're standing talking to him before math class--luckily you got Riley to go away for a bit. "I'll help you out a bit. I'm not supposed to, but I will. But not right now." You both turn your heads and notice Riley walking toward you, head down. Turning back to each other, he moves in closer to you. "After school, we can meet at the dirt lot. How's that sound?" he mumbles. You nod and both of you sit in your seats.
  2. At lunch you sit down next to Zack. "Where were you the other day, and this morning?" you immediately ask him. He'd been avoiding you the two days after he'd been gone and that morning. "None of your business," he grumbles. You turn to Kelsey and she shrugs. "What's his deal, Macy?" she asks you. But you just shake your head. "No idea."
  3. Getting up when the bell rings, you throw the bits and pieces left on your tray away and walk with Kelsey to your next class. In the hall you notice an imperial-looking envelope and pick it up. Flipping it over, you read the name "Zack" in fine calligraphy.
  4. You get up to walk with Kelsey to throw your trays away when you notice an imperial-looking envelope on the ground. You pick it up and flip it over. It reads "Zack" in the top left corner in messy handwriting. Before you can open it very far, Kelsey forces your hands down. "Macy," she says giving you a look. "It's Zacks, take it back to him. I'm headed to class," she said.
  5. At the end of the day you go to see Leo in the dirt lot as planned. You get there before him, so decide to pull out the letter. But when you almost have it opened, you hear the sound of Leo's voice and immediately push it back down into your bag. "What was that?" he asks.
  6. "Um, nothing," you say. You stand up to face him, but you still have to look up--you never realized how tall he and Oliver were. "So...what exactly do you want to know?" he asks you. "Everything you can tell me," you say. "All right then. First things first--I'm sorry that Oliver and I kind of ganged up on you that day after school. We had to let you know that something was going on without giving too much away. Riley didn't want us to say anything at all."
  7. "So Riley's your boss?" you ask sarcastically. "Sounds stupid," Leo says, "but...kind of. He did pass first."
  8. "I see," you say nodding slowly. "Tell me more." "Well, it's a sort of test. See, there's this house on the corner of Scant Street. Looks small from the outside but once you get inside you'll be shocked. There's--" he cuts off. You turn to look in the direction Leo was looking, to find Dannon boarding down the hill.
  9. "Listen," Leo says, his hands finding their way to your hips. "Just...stay safe, be careful, stay close to Zack...and give him that letter back," he says with a smile. He starts to back away slowly when Dannon stops next to you. "Hello Dannon," Leo says. Dannon smiles and nods to him, and Leo gives you one last glance and walks off.
  10. "Haven't seen you in a while, freshman," Dannon says, flipping his dirtboard up to hold it. "Yeah, where've you been?" "Around." He shrugs. "We just haven't actually seen each other in a while, that's all. How've you been?" "Good, you?" you reply. "Fine. Just been here every day...and by the way. You stay away from Leo. He shouldn't be freaking you out like this, he shouldn't have said anything at all. Neither should've Oliver. Nothing happened, all right? I just want to protect you." You nod, look down and turn to go home.

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