Sweet Surmise: Part 2

Your name is Macy. You live in beautiful Rory Hills and you've just come out of junior high. Always the outcast and never really in anyone's "loop," you spent your preteen days alone--but it gave you a chance to get into a few advanced classes here and there your freshman year. And all that leads up to meeting Jack the sophomore, Dannon the junior, and Zack--the new freshman in town. I'm sorry I made you guys wait so long for the second part! DX I'll try to roll 'em on out a bit faster from now on, promise. Anyways...

So which one will you fall for? Or will you leave them all in the pits? ** Riley: Shaggy brown hair and alluring blue eyes. Still getting over his summer love, Lennie the snowboard chick. ** Dannon: Shaggy blonde hair with green eyes. Loves to dirtboard, is the daredevil badboy type. ** Zack: Short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. New freshman in town, very friendly but reserved as well. ** Oliver: long brown hair and hazel eyes. Outgoing, friendly. Leo's twin. ** Leo: long brown hair and hazel eyes. Shy, quiet, mysterious. Oliver's twin.

Created by: Gandit
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  1. You sit down next to Zack for lunch and pull out an apple. "That's all?" he asks. "Um...yeah," you reply. "I'm not all that hungry today." You look back down the hall you just came from. Zack stares at you for a moment, then turns back to his food. You sit silently nibbling on your apple for what seems like forever. "...Hey," you finally get the courage to ask him, "do you know Leo and Ol--" The bell cuts you off. Frustrated, you get up and throw the core of your apple away and head upstairs.
  2. Class gets out and you catch Zack before he turns to go to his locker. "Hey," he says. "What was it you were saying at lunch?" "Oh, I was going to ask you--do you know Leo and Oliver? The twins, second year...hang around Riley...?" "Who now?" Zack replies with a strange look. "Uh, nevermind," you say quickly. "Let's just hit your locker and go home."
  3. The next day, Zack's not there to pick you up before school. You go and knock on his door, but nobody answers.
  4. You walk to school alone and find that Zack isn't there. In math class you turn around and notice Leo staring at you. He quickly looks away when you catch him. Riley, sitting next to him, looks at him and then you, and you turn back around and continue to work.
  5. The bell rings after math and you whip around to talk to Riley. "Riley!" you call to him. He looks over his shoulder, and then stops and turns around. You catch him whispering something to Leo, and Leo glances at you and walks off. "So what's the deal?" You put on a serious face. "What's up with you and me, and Oliver and Leo? I hardly know you guys." Before you can rant anymore to him, he interrupts. "Listen, you'll have to figure this all out on your own. We all did." And with that, he leaves before you can reply at all.
  6. You look at Riley angrily and exit the classroom after him. ** At lunch, you sit where you usually do. It's a little lonely since Zack's not there today. "Hey, can I sit here?" You turn around and notice a girl standing and smiling at you with a lunch tray in hands. "Uh, sure. I'm Macy," you introduce yourself. "Kelsey," she says as she sits down beside you. "I moved from Canada."
  7. You say goodbye to Kelsey after the bell rings and head to your next class. ** At the end of the day, you notice Riley waiting at your locker.
  8. "Excuse me," you grumble at him, trying to reach around and get to your locker. But he doesn't move. "Move." You cross your arms and give him a look. It seems like he's trying to hold a staring contest with you. "Okay," you say, finally breaking the silence. "What is your DEAL? You send your little groupies after me, giving me some mysterious warning, and now you won't give me any answers." "I told you, Macy," he finally speaks up. "I had to figure it all out. Oliver, Leo, Dannon, we all had to."
  9. You turn around and notice Oliver standing there. He smiles at you. "Don't irritate the girl, Riley. Let her into her locker." Riley gives Oliver an angry look and shuffles to the side, leaning against the next locker. You turn and open it, looking up to Oliver and mouthing him a "thank you."
  10. As you're pulling your books out you can hear Oliver whispering to Riley. But then you hear another voice--is Leo here too? You turn around after a moment of silence, shut your locker, and notice that nobody's there.
  11. Sorry guys, Dannon wasn't really a part of this quiz, and neither was Zack. So to even things out, I'm going to just have you choose your favorite character.

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