How sweet is your Boyfriend/crush?

There are lots of boys and if you are going to be honest you would say most of them are jerks, well not jerks but not the nicest they could be. Don't you wanna know how sweet your guy is?

Where does your guy stand? is he nice? is he mean? is he somewhere in the middle? is he hot? are you gettting tired of these random questions? well so am i so go take the quiz

Created by: kitkat16

  1. If you are talking about something you don't like about yourself, for example your hair, what will he do?
  2. Ok, you are in class and for some reason you start to cry. He:
  3. Does he ever give you a cute shy smile?
  4. If some girls are talking bad about you does it make him mad?
  5. Whenever you mention another boy he:
  6. Does he compliment you?
  7. Does he remember things that happened to both of you or or things you told him about your life?
  8. Is he shy around you sometimes?
  9. Is he ever mean to you?
  10. Is he ever protective over you?
  11. What color hair does he have? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: How sweet is my Boyfriend/crush?