Sweet Surmise: Part 1

Your name is Macy. You live in beautiful Rory Hills and you've just come out of junior high. Always the outcast and never really in anyone's "loop," you spent your preteen days alone--but it gave you a chance to get into a few advanced classes here and there your freshman year. And all that leads up to meeting Jack the sophomore, Dannon the junior, and Zack--the new freshman in town. Sorry guys, I didn't include Oliver or Leo in the outcomes just yet, since they only really come in at the end. But expect them to be a bigger part of the next one! Anyways...

So which one will you fall for? Or will you leave them all in the pits? ** Riley: Shaggy brown hair and alluring blue eyes. Still getting over his summer love, Lennie the snowboard chick. ** Dannon: Shaggy blonde hair with green eyes. Loves to dirtboard, is the daredevil badboy type. ** Zack: Short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. New freshman in town, very friendly but reserved as well.

Created by: Gandit

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  1. You push the double doors open to start your years at Rory Hills High. Looking down at your schedule, you read through the list: Math, Science, Photography.... "Uh, kid?" You look up, hearing a boy's voice and dodge a pole just before walking into it. "Oh, thank you," you say, turning to face where the voice came from. You notice three boys standing and looking at you. "No problem," the one on the left says. "My name's Riley, you must be new here. You were looking down at that schedule so intently." You two laugh, and he invites you over. "These are my friends Oliver and Leo." Looking over to them again you realize they're identical twins. "Oliver, Leo," you nod at the two of them. "Uh, Macy. So how old are you guys?" you ask them. "Second year," the three answer simultaneously. "Hmm...come on then." Riley prods Oliver and Leo away. "Er..." he starts to explain. "Teachers. I swear, they run off their nut if someone's late on the first day."
  2. Walking to math class, you mumble to yourself trying to figure out how exactly you should find all of your classes without getting lost. "Rooms 200 through 400 are on the bottom level, anything else is on the top. Lower numbers are on the west side of the school." Wondering who's answering all the questions you only thought to yourself, a boy just a little taller than you hold his hand out. "Zackary, er, Zack," he says as you shake his hand. "But..." "I'm a freshman too? I know, I was invited to check the school out before it started. I'm new in town." You smile at him, trying to hide your thoughts of him being a nutcase. "Uh, I just...noticed you...well, you looked troubled, so..." "No, it's okay. I appreciate the help. Macy," you interrupt. "Better be getting to class. Bye, Zack, nice to meet you!" He walks by and you smile. You've never gotten as much attention before. Your grade school and junior high days were lonely, as you were labeled an outcast from day one.
  3. Taking the shortcut home after school over your favorite hill, you stop at its peak and pull out your homework--a bunch of those cheesy word finds teachers give out on the first day just to give kids 'something to do' after school. After working for a while you hear a fuzzy noise. Annoyed when it doesn't stop after a minute, you stand up and go to investigate. Two boys are sitting on the hillside spraypainting wads of newspaper black. Soon they stand up and jump on a couple of dirtboards, heading off in the opposite direction. You shrug, pulling your bag over your shoulder, and follow them, headed home. ** You're not far from your street when you hear the rattle of plastic wheels on the rocks behind you. You turn around and see the boys coming toward you, and just before hitting you they stop. "Excuse me," you speak up, "why are you following me?" "We're on our way to splatter Mrs. Swift's car," one replies, holding up one of the spraypainted papers. "Not following you." "Oh...all right then." "Wait," he says as you're walking away. You stop and turn around. "Dannon." He smiles at you. "Macy." Then he spins around on his board, following his friend who'd already taken off down the road the other way.
  4. Weeks pass, and you're getting by on a brain and a prayer. Your mother was fired your first week of school and your rich father refuses to pitch in and keep his money to himself and his wife. You're hanging your head as you walk through those big glass doors into school. "Um, Macy?" "Zack, hey!" None of those guys had talked to you since the first day. "Look...I found out you and your mother were struggling with money, so I went out and bought a few things for you." He hands you a shopping bag full of cans, smaller bags of vegetables and a loaf or two of bread. "Thank you," you reply. You quickly shove the bag into your school bag and look down. "Sorry...school probably wasn't the best place to give you those." You smile as if to tell him it's all right. "Want to walk home together today? We're moving from our hotel into the house today." You nod and the two of you say goodbye and head to your classes.
  5. The final bell rings and you sling your bag over your shoulder. You feel a hand on your back and Dannon comes up on your side. "Hey...I didn't know you were in this class," you say cautiously. "I'm not that scary, I promise," he jokes. "Do you board? I thought I would take you to the dirt lot today."
  6. "Um...I already made other plans. Sorry, really I am." You don't want to let Zack down. "Oh, well, that's all right," Dannon says. He doesn't seem too let down. "Maybe tomorrow? Or...well, actually, I'm busy tomorrow. Can I call you?" He holds out a pen and a scrap of paper. You start to write down your number, then stop. "Um...got my phone taken away. Stayed out past curfew," you explain. "Sorry. Can I just talk to you tomorrow? I have someone waiting for me." "Oh...sure," he replies, taking the paper back and crumpling it up. "If you didn't want to give me your number you could've just said so."
  7. You pull your collar up and watch him over your shoulder as you walk toward the exit of the school. "What was his deal?" you mumble to yourself. "Hey Macy. You okay?" You nod and smile at Zack as you're walking up to him, and you two start home. ** "Thanks for walking me all the way to my house." You turn to look Zack in the eyes. "So where do you live?" "Right there." He points to the house you two just passed. "We're neighbors." You thought it was someone else moving in when the people outside payed no attention to you and him. "That's cool. Does that mean I have someone to walk to school with every day?" "Sure thing, I'll pick you up tomorrow around seven?" he asks. "Absolutely." You turn to walk up the driveway after saying goodbye.
  8. You grab a couple muffins off the counter and run to open the door, offering Zack one of them. "Thanks," he says, taking a bite. ** You decide to take the longer route and just walk along the sidewalk. "Is that Oliver?" you mutter under your breath. "What was that?" You look back at Zack. "Oliver." "...Don't know him," he mumbles around a bite of muffin. "Met him yesterday." Oliver looks over his shoulder and sees you. He just as quickly looks away and picks up his pace.
  9. "Macy, you're acting kinda weird. You sure nothing happened yesterday?" Zack puts his hand on your shoulder and takes a position in front of you, preventing you from moving forward. "No, I'm fine, really." He's gazing into your eyes so intently, it's only now that you notice his brown eyes have green flecks in them. You two stand in silence for the longest moment, and then he finally breaks eye contact. "O-okay," he stutters, and you go on walking.
  10. You and Zack walk in silence the rest of the way to school. ** The lunch bell rings for first years. You get up out of your seat and start down the hall, when you feel a sudden force on your right side. Thudding against the wall, you look up to see Oliver and Leo standing above you. "Listen careful, kiddo," Leo starts. You look between the two as they alternate speaking roles. "You and that Zackary kid--" Oliver pitches in, then says Leo, "The one you were walking with this morning?" "You have to stay near him--" "--Because there are bad people at this school." "You need to choose who to make friends with wisely--" "--Or you may land yourself in a situation." Slightly dizzy from switching between twins, you give them a confused look and struggle free, walking as quick as your feet could carry you down the hall. Looking back, you catch a glimpse of Oliver and Leo being pulled the other way by...was that Riley?

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