how sweet are you

i created this quisz because i want to see if you are sweet. whats good about being sweet is that alot of people like you better. the sweeter you are the btter you are in shape with socailization. you are wonderful if you are sweet.

are you sweet? do you have what it takes to be a kind caring person. when you get older you should really think about this. when your older you should try and think if you are sweet thats why i created this quiz

Created by: amy

  1. you see a guy that you like
  2. someone is crying on the side of the street what do you do
  3. you see the last piece of your favorite pie and another person wants it what do you do
  4. you see your friend trying to hit on your bf
  5. you see your mother/father in pain what do you do
  6. your neighbor gets hurt in a car accident you
  7. your husband paints the house an ugly color what do you do
  8. your going to have a great birthday party and at the last minute your parents tell you yuor having a family get together
  9. if you broke the computer on an accident and your parents wanted you to fix itwhat do you do
  10. your friends are in jail and you are with them and your parents think its your fault

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Quiz topic: How sweet am I