What Type Of Sweet Are You?

Many people wonder what animal they would be reincarnated into. But what if you were reincarnated into a sweet? Would you be something sour, a chocolate, what?

In just a few minutes, you could find out! Take this great quiz to find out what type of sweet your personality would match! If you don't get a sweet you like, well hey you won't have to eat yourself!

Created by: Molly
  1. You've just arrived at a party. You now:
  2. Your friend just bought you a dog but your mum freaks out. You tell mum:
  3. You're doing a boooring quiz. You:
  4. A bully is hurting your friend. You:
  5. Your cat is/if you had a cat it would be:
  6. Someone bakes a cake for you. It is cheesecake. You HATE cheesecake. You say:
  7. A fairy appears. It gives you one wish. You wish for:
  8. You have four career options. You choose:
  9. Two people you know have a blazing row while you're trying to read. You say:
  10. If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would be:

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Sweet am I?